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Would you like to do an economic internship abroad? IBM – Plant Location International has interesting internships for you!

IBM-Plant Location International (PLI) is a business unit of the consulting division of IBM Corporation, based in Brussels, Belgium.

IBM-PLI is specialized in location strategies and economic development consulting. We are permanently working with a team of interns that assist the IBM-PLI team with research and analysis of foreign investment data. Key tasks are:

  • Research multiple data sources to gather/validate information on announced foreign investments around the world, and feed this information into our proprietary Global Location Trends database. This database forms the basis for analysis of foreign investment trends. For an example, see our latest Global Location Trends report at
  • Perform comparative location analysis for a particular industry and geography, prepare a report on the basis of this analysis, and present outcomes to the full team. For an initial view on some of our evaluation techniques the following report may be helpful:

On an ad hoc basis, interns may be requested to support with other research tasks related to IBM-PLI’s client consulting work, but this is not a primary task for the interns.

Note that the work that IBM-PLI performs is frequently confidential in nature. Therefore, the opportunities for IBM-PLI interns to produce publicly available reports or documents on the basis of research at IBM-PLI are extremely limited.

The internships are offered for a period of 60 working days. Working location will be IBM Belgium’s offices in Brussels, where the intern will join the IBM-PLI team, and a team of other international interns. There are limited possibilities to combine your internship with your own research (for a thesis). It is important to know that:
– You can do a simulation-research project (in consultation with IBM-PLI!) during your internship period of 60 working days.
– You cannot do the actual writing of your thesis during the internship.
– After you finished this internship period, you can start writing on your thesis and use the simulation research that you did during your internship.

So if you are interested in writing your thesis in combination of this internship, please be aware that you start with 60-working days doing an internship at IBM-PLI with the possibility to do your own simulation-research project. After you finished your internship (after 3 months), you can write your thesis and use the results of this simulation research.

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